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SSM teaches children about the history & culture from all around the world. The children enjoy learning about different cultures and their traditions.  The children will listen to many traditional books.  SSM will be filled with music & songs for these occasions.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES:  The following is  schedule of SMALL STEPS MONTESSORI activities and what you & your child will need to know:

  • Talk about festivities around the world
  • World Traditions
  • Crafts from around the world
  • Show and tell sharing day (Every Wednesday)


  • PRACTICAL LIFE - Sorting hearts; flower arrangement
  • SENSORIAL -Tastes of World foods.
  • LANGUAGE - Poetry, sign language. Writing words of affection for family & friends.
  • MATHEMATICS - Counting hearts & Oriental items
  • CULTURAL - Focus on continents; study & celebrations of new year in different countries.
  • SCIENCE - planting sunflower, making artificial snow and baking cookies,
  • ART - Art with friends & family, painting & shading pictures about America, Asia, Europe & China. Origami hearts.
  • MUSIC - Songs from different countries and languages introducting expression of happiness in different cultures.
  • BOOKS - Book reading, stories & discuss sharing; arts and math.


  • GARDENING - Planting seeds, watch the plants grow, note the lifecycle and how it impacts the enviornment.

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